Honeysuckle Weeks: Be ‘careful’ over Time’s Up

British actress Honeysuckle Weeks (1979) has voiced her concerns over the Time’s Up anti-sexual harassment movement. The actress is best known for her role of Samantha (Sam) Stewart in Foyle's War.
"I think women have to be a bit careful," she said, "Any minute now they’re going to find out that no one wants them to dance... God forbid the frisson between the sexes should be lost, because everyone’s too terrified."

"I think it’s dangerous that people are putting in minor indiscretions with serious assault," Weeks added.

She explained she was in support of Frances McDormand’s stance who, when collecting her leading actress Bafta in a brightly-printed dress, told the audience of black gowns and tuxes: "I have a little trouble with compliance." Weeks voiced her amazement of the Bafta’s blackout: "There wasn’t a shred of make-up on anyone."”

Her feelings echo mine perfectly. The 2018 Bafta's were more like a funeral then a celebration.

More about Honeysuckle Weeks can be found here.


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